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Germany, formally named the Federal Republic of Germany, is located in Central Europe. It is a beautiful country well-known for its ancient castles and developed economy.

The number of immigrants to Germany is the second largest in the world, only following the USA. There are various reasons for this phenomenon. Below are some prominent:

Developed economy

Germany is one of the countries with the most developed economies in the world.

Germany ranks as the 3rd largest exporter in the world. Industrial production and services are two key sectors of Germany.

2022 is so challenging for Germany. It faced a recession, an inflation rate of 10%, a supply shortage, and an energy price increase. However, the gross domestic product (GDP) in the third quarter increased by 0.3%, and its economy prosperously grew despite its difficulties.

Stable social security policies

German citizens hugely benefit from good social security policies funded by the state budget. These well-developed welfare policies have made Germany a worth-living place for many people. Germany’s social security policies include health, care, pension, accident, and unemployment insurance programs, covering risks or emergencies.

High-quality education

The top priority is given to education which takes a large part of the state budget.

Notably, no tuition fee is required for undergraduates who only pay for their textbooks and living expenses if studying away from home. Many opportunities for free or low-cost study in Germany are offered to international students.

Thanks to its high-quality education, affordable tuition fees, and good living conditions, including career orientation, Germany is a promising country for the most international students in the world.

Tourist hotspot

Situated in Central Europe, specifically in the heart of Europe, Germany is the neighbor of France, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg.

Germany is an attractive destination for travelholics because of its convenient travel to its neighboring countries and must-visit attractions.

Must-visit places in Germany such as ancient castles built since the Middle Ages with lords, monks, and swordsmen; Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Königssee lake, Rügen island, Museumsinsel Berlin, Brandenburg Gate – Berlin’s most famous landmark, Sanssouci Palace and Park, Mainau flower island, Berlin wall – Antifaschistischer Schutzwall. 

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