Certificates of Criminal records No. 1 and 2

Quick issue of legal criminal records for Vietnamese people living abroad or foreigners who have been living and working in Vietnam. Support in simplifying administrative procedures.

Asen Trading and Translation Company Limited is engaged in completion of Certificates of Criminal Records No. 1 and 2 / Police Check).
Our simple procedures, diverse types of services and professionalism brings peace of mind and convenience to our customers. Our price list for Criminal Record certification service is the best in the market today.
Issuing certificates of criminal records to any Vietnamese citizen residing in 64 provinces and cities in Vietnam and foreigners to confirm that such person has or has no criminal record during his or her stay in Vietnam.
Time for delivering the results of the Certificates of Criminal Records:

Express package: 2 days (contact for quotation immediately)

Quick package: 3 days (contact for quotation immediately)

Regular package: 5-7 days (contact for quotation immediately)

Required documents for Certificates of Criminal Records No. 1 and 2:

  • Scanned/photocopied Passport
  • Full name, date of birth of natural parents and Spouse (if any)

Additional support services:
• Delivering results at home

• Performing notarized translation of certificates of criminal records into foreign languages;

• Obtaining Consular Certification/Legalization of Embassies of other countries.

The service of Certificates of Criminal Records No. 1 and 2 provided by Asen Trading and Translation Company Limited is suitable for the following customers:

• People live abroad and are able to make their own Certificates of Criminal Records

• Foreigners stayed in Vietnam but returned home.

• Busy people don’t have time to apply

• People urgently need Certificates of Criminal Records to apply in time

• Organizations and enterprises need to make Certificates of Criminal Records for their staffs and employees.

Contact Hotline for advice and service:
Hotline: 0983470096- 0912714505